The radicals have landed , yes they have come ashore
took in over 100,000 , democrats wanting more
they have overrun the cities , the forests and the towns
to those of you who are awake , it is … as bad as it sounds
our system is on overload , the economy is shot
the more they get the more they bitch , even more they want
infiltrated our democracy , they’re pushing their agenda
getting on Americas nerves , it’s soon to stop I betcha
Sharia is an ideology , one that will never fly
too many brave Americans have had to fight and die
our freedoms non negotiable , so they need to quit
fucking with a rattlesnake , you know you will get bit



Hardcore Deplorables , some people say we suck ,
but we have a motto , we don’t really give a fuck ,
opinions are like asshole , yes for one and all ,
speak our minds , raise some hell , we always have a ball ,
libs & dems , & anarchists , yes you’re going down ,
yes some have the mentality , of a fukin clown ,
sometimes I am discouraged , while other times excited ,


Illegals are protesting , demanding rights , that they’re not due,
they swam across the Rio Grand , & jumped the border too ,
they scream , & holler , piss and moan ,and say that’s its not fair.
it’s our democratic way of life , is what they want to share ,
to become a citizen , theres rules and regulations ,
but you must do it legally , our only expectation .
so if you are a criminal , or violate our laws .
then you will be deported , & you will know the cause ,
so heres my only question , and to you I’m asking WHY ?
whats so hard to understand , simply just comply !




The violation of America , has gotten way outta hand …..
trying to impeach our president , is more than I can stand…..
the election has been over , the democrats have lost…..
now , out to destroy America , no matter what the cost……
anarchy is rampant , they’ve lost their fucking mind
they truly are intolerant , assinine and blind……
insanity personified is more than I can handle……
here we go , one more time , another bullshit scandal…….
so stand up fellow Patriots , for now’s the time to act…..
destruction is inevitable , just stating it as a fact…..
frustration overwhelming , often want to cry…….
standing Proud to fight this scourge , until the day I die….!!!!!

Another day in paradise

Fuck it ! Another day in paradise . No ambition , drive , or desire . Just don’t give a shit . Automobile needs repair , house is falling apart , lawn needs mowing again . Hotter than a 2 pecker  goat , can’t breathe . No job . No money . Life sucks . Aw  nobody loves me.  Oh poor me . Poor baby . Ass is cracked , pecker has a hole in it . I mean what the fuck ? ……………………… HA HA HA HA …   FUCK YOU AND IT !……………………..Kinda funny how the  little things add up to give a person a negative point of view . It could be a helluva lot worse if you stop and think about it . Right ?  Suppose  you were a quadriplegic and needed to be tended to hand and foot . That would suck . Suppose you had a terminal disease and had a month to live . Suppose you lived in a grass hut  with dirt floor , dirty water and disease . Suppose you were doing life in prison . Suppose you were a loser democrat . Suppose you were Antifa , BLM  or BAMN . Yeah for sure  this life could truly suck . So quit your damn whining and accept the lot you have been given and get the hell over it .JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE ….JUST  SAYING  ….LMAO…….


Anti Sharia Marches 6-10-2017

HOW CAN ANY AMERICAN , DEFEND SHARIA LAW ?  TO BECOME VALID IN THE U S . Protester’s say  , regular Americans are Islamophobic . To which I say BULLSHIT ! We are  not , not by any means . Most Americans don’t have a problem with “Legal” immigration . The main reason in my eyes is the mass influx of fighting men and women of fighting age total deluging every country in the world . The facts speak for themselves . Europe has allowed millions in  and have been overwhelmed by crime and violence . The refugees are demonstrating for Sharia law to become the law of the land in a democratic society . They have infiltrated the governments and say they will take over the world . Sharia law allows for women to be totally dominated . They cannot own property , cannot drive a car , can be beaten or even killed for their fucked up ideology . It allows for animal and child intercourse . It also calls for for unbelievers to be  beheaded , crucified , and murdered by the most  heinous ways .What sane person could ever believe  that these radical Muslims could even begin to or want to assimilate to the American Constitution or the American way of life . That’s what these Anti Sharia Marches are  about . When  denied anything they cause anarchy .They say they WILL  force sharia upon the citizen and those that will not convert  will be killed . As I have voiced in previous posts that the world is in  anarchy . When you add the fact of hate groups defending this ideology while spewing racism and bigotry , it just makes this situation more and more volatile .  For the life of me it is pure insanity . War is coming . Many will die . This is the future and the future of our children and their children .Am I scared ? No not for myself , but for future generations to come . Where will this all end ? Whose to say ? Time will tell , I guess ……..  Just Saying…………..

Politics A dirty game

Politics today is the dirtiest game going . Government officials pushing their personal agenda , under the guise of working for the people who elected them . As I look back and do some leg work , it seems that any and all politicians are among the wealthiest and sneakiest sons a bitches on the planet . I’m not singling out any individual person or country . I’m stating a fact that once in office , they lie , the steal , and they misrepresent issues to line their pockets . Let me ask a question ? How can a  president who just leaves office  afford another home estimated at over 8 million dollars ? Or a sitting senator have  5 million dollar house ? What the hell is wrong with this picture ?  Some people I have seen interviewed don’t have a clue , or are just to wrapped up in their own world  just don’t care . The politicians keep increasing the tax payers taxes then send them to over  150 different countries  while we have hungry and homeless right here in our country . Our infrastructure is crumbling  and they fund other countries .Just doesn’t make sense to me . After they fund other countries they dream up shit like a multi million dollar deal for a new stadium and send the states , cities , and counties deeper and deeper in the hole . Kind of fucked up , I would say . So what can be done ? Not a damn thing ! This system has been in place forever and will remain so . The citizens will bear this burden for eternity , if these idiots don’t destroy the whole planet ………Just Saying ……..

To whom it may concern

I was born in America , That makes me an American. I served in the U S Navy. That makes me an American Veteran . I am an American Patriot . I have defended  and will continue to defend ,  The “Constitution of the United States” of America . When the left and the liberals try and take my rights , I get a little hostile . They are a bunch of hypocritical two faced cocksuckers.!!! If a republican group tried to enforce any unconstitutional limits to their freedoms  they would cry like little whipped bitches .To me when a separate group pushes their lies , conspiracies , and outright false flag scenarios to obtain their objectives is downright UN AMERICAN !!!                                           These supposed to be leaders , servants of their constituents , who claim to have their own districts best interests at heart , but could  care less about them , are as useless as tits on a boar hog !!! When they plot and scheme to pass new legislation’s to help save Americans money and better their way of life , but in the end , it’s to steal more money from America to satisfy their own greed . It’s sickening  !!!                                                         America , has amendments to this “Constitution ” called “The Bill of rights ” under which EVERY AMERICAN IS GUARANTEED CERTAIN RIGHTS.                                                             The 1 st amendment right says AMERICANS  have the right to”FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. The liberal’s have been attempting to put limits on this right . They have set up free speech zones and try to restrict the movement of peaceful protesters . My bitch is that the liberals can say anything  derogatory , vulgar or even out right lie on national media and not be chastised and reprimanded .                                                                                     The 2nd  amendment guarantees  every AMERICAN   the “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS ” Certain liberal states have been doing everything in their power to limit and even remove this right from law abiding AMERICANS .  In my mind , the liberals want to totally disarm AMERICA , because the liberal democrats have always had the desire , a hidden agenda of world dominance . As I see it , that can never be accomplished with armed citizens .   Patriots who have sworn the same oath as I did in 1972  says to defend the “Constitution ” against all enemies foreign and domestic   . The liberal agenda is a domestic enemy to the American people . After losing so many seats in the house , senate and the white house  soon to be the congress as well , their majority is now the minority . To try and regain some type of control over this country , they have instituted an anarchistic  system to overthrow the legitimate  government by any means necessary . It’s a low down shame that they have to stoop to this level of violence . They think they have it all in the bag , but fail to realize that  AMERICA has survived one civil war . I hope and pray that another one never comes to pass .  I don’t know how our president can throttle this coup attempt and stop this sponsored violence  without martial law .  What will happen ? Whose to say ? So anyway you butt hurt liberal democrats , my rights are guaranteed , and because your feelings have been hurt  I say ….FUCK YOU !!!….Just my opinion …….


What is love ?  I guess that would  depend on who you ask ?  This post is my definition and what love means to me . To some it’s holding hands , kissing all the time , and playing the psychological head games that dominate their lives . Don’t get me wrong I like that stuff too but it doesn’t dominate my life .  Some would say that my definition is way out there , to which I say  to each their own.   I believe there are many kinds of love . Different degrees if you will . I love my wife ,  I love my kids , I love my friends , I love my dog . So how do I regulate the degrees ? I don’t I express it . To me it’s a compassionate expression of commitment and responsibility toward  others . To some love can be  exaggerated to nth degree , to an obsession . To others  love can be  reduced to the lowest form of just caring for others.   So which of these definition suits me ? The middle of the road . I’m not obsessed , nor reduced to just caring .  I will be there in the storm , I will be there in the sunshine . I will be there in the sad times , the bad times , and the good times as well . I will fight even die protecting those I love . I often bitch , moan and groan . That doesn’t define me or what I consider love. I can be strict , but can be tender . I can shout but  also listen . I can teach and I can be taught . To me love is give and take …. not judging or being judged right or wrong , being weak but also strong . Staying together , thru it all ………LOVE  …………………………….. Just saying ………………

Relationships .

me n momma

People say and I surely disagree , that to have a happy marriage and content life , one must have a eye candy sexy ass woman by your side , and money .

I have witnessed in my life , that men and women alike , are more superficial than I could have ever imagined  . Beautiful people get ugly , Skinny people get fat , Rich people get poor , Honest  people  lie , and truth becomes non existent . It blows my mind , that when people wed and exchange vows , the part through thick and thin , sickness and in health , for richer or poorer  are but words muttered at the time . Thick and thin means to me anyway  , if you disagree with your significant other , you work things out . You remember what the difference was but you don’t hold onto it . Get on with life . When your spouse takes sick , you stand by them , not desert them . When you or your spouse goes broke , you don’t abandon them for someone with wealth . I have seen it more times than I can count .                                                                                                                                   As I have grown and matured , I myself have learned many bittersweet lessons . I was a hardcore full time drunk when I wasn’t working . I used to be violent . I used to be self centered . I used to be my way or the highway .                                                                             I married the first time  at age 19 , it was doomed from the start . After many violent episodes , she smartened up and left me . Divorce # 1.                                                         Marriage  #2 was on the rebound . After 5 years we married . Didn’t last long after the wedding . Many unseen forces were at work  at the time in my life . Still a worker , a drunk , and pretty violent , we separated and divorced .                                                             The next relationship , was an eye opening experience to say the least . I still worked . I still drank , but my violent episodes were becoming  less and less frequent . I had found LOVE . I was blessed with a beautiful daughter . After 9 months of being with my child , once again , I was to face the cold hard facts of life . I was put to the curb ,  my reality of love and happiness was shattered beyond repair .                                                                       Never again , would I even consider loving another woman . My heart  was cold as ice , hard as granite , and I was never going to be hurt again . Not by my own hands or the empty promises of another woman .                                                                                                 After some months had passed in 1985 , and damn near losing what sanity I had left , I met a woman . It was a chance meeting . She wasn’t a super model , she wasn’t a wealthy cougar . She was a woman who had seen tough times in her life as well . She 3 had children . She drank , she worked , and she struggled with life . Her life was a chaotic as mine so it seemed . Anyway we hung out for a while . She needed a man who would look out for her and her kids , and I needed a woman to look out for me . I moved in with her and after a spell , I moved her to our own place . It was tough going for a long time , but we struggled through and beat the futility . Well we have been through many trials  but ya know what ? She got fat , I got ugly and we both are broke . Well we are still together.  She and I are friends , lovers , husband and wife . We still live together , we support each other and we still defend each other . We may not have that happy romantic joyous life we both wanted or hoped for , but we see each other thru , come what may ……. To me for any relationship to survive , there must be guide lines . Never restrict the other from being themselves .Never expect more than common sense will allow . Never tell the other how to live by your rules . Disagree if you have to , but don’t hang on to it. My mind is already  crowded with other shit  to allow any more piddly shit in . So there ya go . My formula for a lasting relationship in a nut shell .