When I was young

when I was young , I went to school …… learned to read and write , so’s not the fool

learned to get along , learned to fight …. learned the difference , tween wrong and right

learn some lessons , as the years went by ….. learned how to laugh , and how to cry

now I’m older , not all blue sky …..  everybody lives , and then they die

learned to work , pay my way …….. surviving  struggles , day by day

common sense , along with morals …..   peacefully end , some senseless quarrels

now I’m older , I ain’t so young ….. been many a song , yes I have  sung

so brings to close, my little rhyme ….I’ll write me another , in due time








What is RIGHT ? Opposite of left ? Up the  opposite of down ? In the  opposite of out ? Impulsive the opposite of  compulsive ? What ?

For me it is  morally , ethically , and constantly living in line with my own personal convictions . No matter what the outside interference is at the time . Some may say that each situation predicts a persons reaction to any given scenario . I also realize that emotions play a major role in their reactions . I often have that knee jerk reaction that a lot of folks have . But if I take the time to consider the end game , I always hope to make the RIGHT decision .

For instance , I see a innocent person being assaulted by a group of thugs , what do I do ? Do I walk away ? Do I call the police ? Do I find a club and run them off ?  Knowing me for who I am , I would call the police . But knowing that the police are often a miles away  and it could mean life and death , I would get a club and go in swinging . Why ? Because it is the RIGHT thing to do . What about a child being sexually molested by an adult . I don’t think in that scenario , I act . Immediately and decisively . No questions asked . Automatic  justice . Why ? Because it’s the RIGHT thing to do .There are just two examples of the RIGHT thing to do .

Often people just walk on by , not wanting to get involved , that isn’t RIGHT . I say this because God forbid , they are in a similar situation they would pray for a man like me to intervene . So , I pray for the courage to always have the guts to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves and to always do WHAT IS RIGHT !!!! ……. Just saying ……..


Freedom , is a state of mind . Believe it or not .

We all have choices in this life . Believe it or not .

We can choose to be free or in chains ? Hell yes we can .

Finally , after many years of being sad , worried , and pissed off at things that have taken place in my life , like a lightning bolt , reality , just gave me a wake up call . It’s your time Clyde .

What the hell are you talking about now dude ? Well , it’s pretty simple really . I hate the politics , crime , corruption , violence , and the evils of this world . Plain and simple .         For so long I have let this shit pollute my mind . It chained me to a burden so heavy that I became stagnant unable to move to  see or think for myself .  I am only human . Why today has this stark realization hit me right between the eyes ? I can only think of one reason . GOD ,  just gave me a  bitch slap up side the head . Hey dummy wake up .

When I let these evils infiltrate my whole existence to where they begin to dominate my thought process , I become chained to their reality . Enough already ! It’s time to break these chains and live my own life according to my own convictions . I have found  that when I had let others dictate their opinions to me , I fall into the endless abyss of their confusing muddled mire of bullshit . So effective immediately , NO MORE CHAINS , NO MORE BONDAGE ….. I AM FREE …..THANK GOD ……….FREEDOM ………Just Saying ………


Today , I have decided  to accept this life with all it’s fucked up realities and outcomes . Nobody can convince me that somehow everything that happens in life , doesn’t happens for a reason. As hard as it is for me to fathom , I find it inconceivable that life has singled me out for whatever comes down the road .  I am no different from the next person . Sure at times it feels as if I am singled out , when in reality , am I the only one ? How many other people experience the same emotions as I do ? When the circumstances in their life dictate the same scenario , how do they react ?

I have learned over my lifetime that everything in life will either be about learning or about teaching . Often times while experiencing a situation , emotions take control of out thought process . To me it is this process of emotions that dictates whether we accept or resist the situation at hand . Acceptance is less stressful  and less painful . Resistance is just the opposite . The reason  I say this  is  because when you resist , will  you change the outcome ? Highly unlikely . To me all you do , in my case anyway is to prolong the agony causing undue stress upon my own mind and those around me .

I know this sounds like surrender and to some it may be . In my case tho , I have found the more I struggle trying to make sense of something , the more it continues to cause me undue stress that I myself create . To me there is a huge difference between surrender and acceptance . Surrender is the total collapse of my fighting spirit and giving into a dominant force to which I have the ability to resist . Acceptance on the other hand is something that is beyond my control  and resistance is futile .

So do you resist the things you cannot change ?

Acceptance brings Serenity .

Resistance brings futility and turmoil .

Life is life , always has been always will be .

…………….Just Saying …………

River of Darkness

Sometimes , I am reminded of a song , River of darkness over me . Who am I ? Nobody special , famous , or incredible . People tell me I am pessimistic and negative sometimes to a fault . But that’s okay , because  guess what ? We all have faults . Even when  life seems to be going well , I’m not truly happy . Maybe  because life has turned me bitter , cold , and distrustful ? Maybe it’s because of the consequences of decisions I have made in my life ? Maybe it’s the hurt , real or imagined that I have experienced ? Maybe it’s fear ? Maybe it’s  loss ? I really can’t put a finger on any one specific cause or reason , but I can assume it may be one or more of the above . It’s sad really . We are brought into this world carefree and worry free . We are tended to and cared for until we reach a certain age and  then turned out to the real world . There we learn the cold hard facts of life . Over the years and many lessons learned . Emotions have a lot to do with a persons character . They dictate how any given scenario will play out . Will it be peaceful or will it be violent ? Will it end in sorrow and sadness or in joy and happiness ? Will it end in freedom or in bondage ? The fact is every scenario has it’s own outcome . You can try and predict how it will play out , but until the last card is played it’s anyone’s game . I have learned that each of us are dealt a hand of cards at birth . It’s not a hand where you have wild cards or get to throw in the cards you don’t want . Life is what I like to call “GUTS” poker . You play the hand you are dealt . Anyone who has ever played guts poker knows , not every hand is a winner . So we keep anteing up and hoping the next hand will be a little better . Do you ever win ? No , not in the end . Death is an unbiased non racist bitch . Like fire or water , tornado or a medical event , death sneaks in and that’s the final hand . Am I sad , hurting , in pain ? No . Am I happy , mad in bondage or free ? No . Sometimes I have a feeling that my life has stalled swirling endlessly in one spot . There is no movement  stuck in an ever deepening  rut . I know as I’ve learned thru the years that given time , this too shall pass . When it feels as if it’s too dark to see ….. That’s when I feel A River of darkness over me. …… Just Thinking ……..


The Empty Chair

Over in the corner of the quiet living room sets an empty chair. The chair where the man used to sit . The silence is deafening as the emptiness engulfs the entire space . A man that  some looked up to while others scorned  behind his back . A man who worked hard all his life to provide for his family.. He kept a roof over their heads . He kept them clothed and fed . He taught them right from wrong . He fought to keep them safe from the evils of this world . He had talents that some share and lacked others that others are blessed with . He had demons as everyone does and handled them as only he could . At times loud and rowdy other times going deep within himself . He laughed , he cried , he struggled and overcame . Yes he was a man . He drank hard , fought hard , played hard and lost hard as well . He was just a man . Sometimes I catch my mind wandering and in an empty stare , although it’s been a long time , I think of him and the now empty chair .


The democrats have lit the fuse , this shits about to pop

time to put the hammer down , it’s time for this to stop

take your fkn hatred , go off and lick your wounds

proved that you are assholes, have been since the womb

tired of your anarchy , so tired of your game

for when in reality , Hillary’s to blame

you lost the damn election , because she really sucks

patriots are sick to death , we’re not your sitting ducks

civil war is what you want , it’s war you’re gonna get

I am not a gambling man , but that’s a winning bet


The end is near , as far as this  political divide in our country . Believe what you want , but there is a rift that has widened into great chasm . Today there was a couple more shootings . One in particular was directed toward the republican party . Democrats have been spewing violence  for some time now and today a psychotic  democratic follower has acted on the hate . He opened fire on republican members of a congressional baseball team  wounding  four . The leftist liberal democrats have been calling for resistance for 6 months now . They’ve been instigating every thing imaginable .Scandal after scandal to impeach the 45th president ( Donald Trump ) of the United States .They have backed many home grown terrorist organizations . B L M  (Black Lives Matter ) , B A M N  (By Any Means Necessary ) , Antifa a self proclaimed anti fascist movement . Every since the presidents inauguration  . These organizations have been causing anarchy throughout our country . Just as soon as the shooting had stopped , democrats  started their same old rhetoric on gun control . They refuse to accept responsibility for contributing to this shooting . Democrats  have been stirring up this hostility since they lost the election in November 2016 . They’ve succeeded in tearing our country in two . I hope they’re satisfied . They’ve fulfilled their agenda . I believe we’ll soon be in a second civil war here in our country . So many democrats broke the law during Obama’s  8 year presidency committing treason , sedition , racial division , hatred for the police , and extortion  One can only ask  why would they do this . In my opinion , to try to regain democratic control over our country . Will it work ? Not till the presidents term is over , and they are voted in . Trust me , if that happens , I think there will be all out war . They got used to pushing their agenda  having total control over the people , and are doing everything they can  to regain the power . Lying , stealing , murder , & false allegations are all in  their playbook . So it’s not if it’ll  happens , it is when . If you pray , you may want to in earnest . If you can only hope , hope with all your might . Because the end is near . …… Just My  Opinion ……..

The Death Penalty

I’m going to start this , like this . I believe in in an eye for an eye .  If you take a life irregardless of the circumstance  , unless it’s in self defense of yourself  or an innocent , then your life is extinguished . I don’t give a rats twat if you didn’t mean it , you were under the influence , or just having issues . The fact is you killed , you murdered , you took the life of another human being . Whether to satisfy , your desire for lust , or greed . or just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time . Unforgivable … period ! Now before  , all you pantie  waist cry baby assholes go all liberal on me , it hasn’t touched you or yours personally , or you would agree 100% . You sit back and preach your liberal horseshit , and say it’s cruel and unusual punishment . To which . I say FUCK YOU .  A person gets up in the morning , heads off to work , shot dead getting fuel at the neighborhood gas station . A person going in to cash a check shot dead by a bank robber . A woman home alone going about her business when an intruder crashes in rapes and murders her . You fuckers want me to feel sorry for the killer ? Are you out of your fucking minds ? You must be .  Cruel and inhumane treatment , a needle in the arm ? Are you twisted bastards that out of touch ? Did he or she show compassion  for the victim ? Did they  even consider the pain and sorrow they would inflict upon the families and survivors ? No they did not . You sorry bastards want me to say it’s okay to imprison them for the rest of their natural life ? You stupid mother fuckers , they get  free medical , free food  and shelter ,on the tax payers dime . They have more rights than an elderly person struggling to survive on the outside  . The homeless struggle every day just to survive . So you want me to go along with your pacifist belief and say they deserve to live their lives in prison ? Give me a fucking break ! You fucking liberal pacifists make me want to puke . I’m going to end this like this …. you sit there in a room full of assholes , thinking you’re the voice of reason , that compassion is the answer for a ruthless murdering piece of shit , and that life in prison will teach them a lesson . What the fuck ? A needle in the arm is more inhumane  than the brutal murder they committed . FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!………………Just my Opinion……and  FUCK YOU ……………………..






chorus:                                                                                                                                                                            SO SEND ME UP HIGH , WHERE THE EAGLES FLY







chorus and close         by Marty P . Murtha