What is RIGHT ? Opposite of left ? Up the  opposite of down ? In the  opposite of out ? Impulsive the opposite of  compulsive ? What ?

For me it is  morally , ethically , and constantly living in line with my own personal convictions . No matter what the outside interference is at the time . Some may say that each situation predicts a persons reaction to any given scenario . I also realize that emotions play a major role in their reactions . I often have that knee jerk reaction that a lot of folks have . But if I take the time to consider the end game , I always hope to make the RIGHT decision .

For instance , I see a innocent person being assaulted by a group of thugs , what do I do ? Do I walk away ? Do I call the police ? Do I find a club and run them off ?  Knowing me for who I am , I would call the police . But knowing that the police are often a miles away  and it could mean life and death , I would get a club and go in swinging . Why ? Because it is the RIGHT thing to do . What about a child being sexually molested by an adult . I don’t think in that scenario , I act . Immediately and decisively . No questions asked . Automatic  justice . Why ? Because it’s the RIGHT thing to do .There are just two examples of the RIGHT thing to do .

Often people just walk on by , not wanting to get involved , that isn’t RIGHT . I say this because God forbid , they are in a similar situation they would pray for a man like me to intervene . So , I pray for the courage to always have the guts to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves and to always do WHAT IS RIGHT !!!! ……. Just saying ……..


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