Freedom , is a state of mind . Believe it or not .

We all have choices in this life . Believe it or not .

We can choose to be free or in chains ? Hell yes we can .

Finally , after many years of being sad , worried , and pissed off at things that have taken place in my life , like a lightning bolt , reality , just gave me a wake up call . It’s your time Clyde .

What the hell are you talking about now dude ? Well , it’s pretty simple really . I hate the politics , crime , corruption , violence , and the evils of this world . Plain and simple .         For so long I have let this shit pollute my mind . It chained me to a burden so heavy that I became stagnant unable to move to  see or think for myself .  I am only human . Why today has this stark realization hit me right between the eyes ? I can only think of one reason . GOD ,  just gave me a  bitch slap up side the head . Hey dummy wake up .

When I let these evils infiltrate my whole existence to where they begin to dominate my thought process , I become chained to their reality . Enough already ! It’s time to break these chains and live my own life according to my own convictions . I have found  that when I had let others dictate their opinions to me , I fall into the endless abyss of their confusing muddled mire of bullshit . So effective immediately , NO MORE CHAINS , NO MORE BONDAGE ….. I AM FREE …..THANK GOD ……….FREEDOM ………Just Saying ………


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