Today , I have decided  to accept this life with all it’s fucked up realities and outcomes . Nobody can convince me that somehow everything that happens in life , doesn’t happens for a reason. As hard as it is for me to fathom , I find it inconceivable that life has singled me out for whatever comes down the road .  I am no different from the next person . Sure at times it feels as if I am singled out , when in reality , am I the only one ? How many other people experience the same emotions as I do ? When the circumstances in their life dictate the same scenario , how do they react ?

I have learned over my lifetime that everything in life will either be about learning or about teaching . Often times while experiencing a situation , emotions take control of out thought process . To me it is this process of emotions that dictates whether we accept or resist the situation at hand . Acceptance is less stressful  and less painful . Resistance is just the opposite . The reason  I say this  is  because when you resist , will  you change the outcome ? Highly unlikely . To me all you do , in my case anyway is to prolong the agony causing undue stress upon my own mind and those around me .

I know this sounds like surrender and to some it may be . In my case tho , I have found the more I struggle trying to make sense of something , the more it continues to cause me undue stress that I myself create . To me there is a huge difference between surrender and acceptance . Surrender is the total collapse of my fighting spirit and giving into a dominant force to which I have the ability to resist . Acceptance on the other hand is something that is beyond my control  and resistance is futile .

So do you resist the things you cannot change ?

Acceptance brings Serenity .

Resistance brings futility and turmoil .

Life is life , always has been always will be .

…………….Just Saying …………


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