The Empty Chair

Over in the corner of the quiet living room sets an empty chair. The chair where the man used to sit . The silence is deafening as the emptiness engulfs the entire space . A man that  some looked up to while others scorned  behind his back . A man who worked hard all his life to provide for his family.. He kept a roof over their heads . He kept them clothed and fed . He taught them right from wrong . He fought to keep them safe from the evils of this world . He had talents that some share and lacked others that others are blessed with . He had demons as everyone does and handled them as only he could . At times loud and rowdy other times going deep within himself . He laughed , he cried , he struggled and overcame . Yes he was a man . He drank hard , fought hard , played hard and lost hard as well . He was just a man . Sometimes I catch my mind wandering and in an empty stare , although it’s been a long time , I think of him and the now empty chair .


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