The Death Penalty

I’m going to start this , like this . I believe in in an eye for an eye .  If you take a life irregardless of the circumstance  , unless it’s in self defense of yourself  or an innocent , then your life is extinguished . I don’t give a rats twat if you didn’t mean it , you were under the influence , or just having issues . The fact is you killed , you murdered , you took the life of another human being . Whether to satisfy , your desire for lust , or greed . or just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time . Unforgivable … period ! Now before  , all you pantie  waist cry baby assholes go all liberal on me , it hasn’t touched you or yours personally , or you would agree 100% . You sit back and preach your liberal horseshit , and say it’s cruel and unusual punishment . To which . I say FUCK YOU .  A person gets up in the morning , heads off to work , shot dead getting fuel at the neighborhood gas station . A person going in to cash a check shot dead by a bank robber . A woman home alone going about her business when an intruder crashes in rapes and murders her . You fuckers want me to feel sorry for the killer ? Are you out of your fucking minds ? You must be .  Cruel and inhumane treatment , a needle in the arm ? Are you twisted bastards that out of touch ? Did he or she show compassion  for the victim ? Did they  even consider the pain and sorrow they would inflict upon the families and survivors ? No they did not . You sorry bastards want me to say it’s okay to imprison them for the rest of their natural life ? You stupid mother fuckers , they get  free medical , free food  and shelter ,on the tax payers dime . They have more rights than an elderly person struggling to survive on the outside  . The homeless struggle every day just to survive . So you want me to go along with your pacifist belief and say they deserve to live their lives in prison ? Give me a fucking break ! You fucking liberal pacifists make me want to puke . I’m going to end this like this …. you sit there in a room full of assholes , thinking you’re the voice of reason , that compassion is the answer for a ruthless murdering piece of shit , and that life in prison will teach them a lesson . What the fuck ? A needle in the arm is more inhumane  than the brutal murder they committed . FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!………………Just my Opinion……and  FUCK YOU ……………………..


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