The end is near , as far as this  political divide in our country . Believe what you want , but there is a rift that has widened into great chasm . Today there was a couple more shootings . One in particular was directed toward the republican party . Democrats have been spewing violence  for some time now and today a psychotic  democratic follower has acted on the hate . He opened fire on republican members of a congressional baseball team  wounding  four . The leftist liberal democrats have been calling for resistance for 6 months now . They’ve been instigating every thing imaginable .Scandal after scandal to impeach the 45th president ( Donald Trump ) of the United States .They have backed many home grown terrorist organizations . B L M  (Black Lives Matter ) , B A M N  (By Any Means Necessary ) , Antifa a self proclaimed anti fascist movement . Every since the presidents inauguration  . These organizations have been causing anarchy throughout our country . Just as soon as the shooting had stopped , democrats  started their same old rhetoric on gun control . They refuse to accept responsibility for contributing to this shooting . Democrats  have been stirring up this hostility since they lost the election in November 2016 . They’ve succeeded in tearing our country in two . I hope they’re satisfied . They’ve fulfilled their agenda . I believe we’ll soon be in a second civil war here in our country . So many democrats broke the law during Obama’s  8 year presidency committing treason , sedition , racial division , hatred for the police , and extortion  One can only ask  why would they do this . In my opinion , to try to regain democratic control over our country . Will it work ? Not till the presidents term is over , and they are voted in . Trust me , if that happens , I think there will be all out war . They got used to pushing their agenda  having total control over the people , and are doing everything they can  to regain the power . Lying , stealing , murder , & false allegations are all in  their playbook . So it’s not if it’ll  happens , it is when . If you pray , you may want to in earnest . If you can only hope , hope with all your might . Because the end is near . …… Just My  Opinion ……..


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